Engineering Week 2021

What is Engineers Week?

Engineers Week, or E-Week, is a week-long celebration of engineers, their awe-inspiring creations, and an effort to raise awareness of the profession. For a whole week, engineers and educators hold activities to get the next generation interested in the world of engineering and promote the importance of a career in STEM. The outreach efforts year after year continue to have an emphasis on creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive future of technologists and engineers.

Who Participates?

Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951, E-Week (February 21–27, 2021) continues to show students of all creeds, races and genders that they too can belong in STEM. Today, E-Week has become a formal effort of more than 70 engineering, education, and cultural societies, and more than 50 corporations and government agencies. E-Week promotes recognition among parents, teachers, and students of the importance of a technical education and a high level of math, science, and technology literacy. Each year, E-Week reaches thousands of universities, companies, and advocacy groups across the United States.


5 Things You Can Do to Contribute and Get Involved

1. Raise Awareness on Social Media

Post on Instagram, Tweet or hashtag #EWeek #EWeek2021 with:

  • You in your work gear

  • You and your team in front of what you are working on

  • A video of you explaining your project at work

  • A video of you talking about what you love about engineering

  • An inspiring story from work or university

  • A #thenvsnow of you freshman year in engineering school vs now kicking-ass at work or university

2. Reach Out to Your Organisation’s Communications Team

Liaise with your company, professional society, or university communications team to recognise E-week and share a message about engineering’s vital role in inspiring the next generation, innovation and providing global solutions. Ask them to emphasize the value of engaging students in the engineering pipeline.

3. Organize an Engineers Week Event

Recognize and celebrate the week by planning a virtual event, small or large. Get dressed up, make fun Zoom backgrounds and show your engineering community some appreciation virtually. Host an inspiring speaker to re-invigorate your team.

4. Nominate Someone for an Award

Imagine this – you admire someone at work or university and nominate them for an award. Think of their eyes lighting up when you share this with them. Imagine them receiving an email saying they’ve been nominated and selected. Think of that joy being spread across your community. This is your sign to nominate an engineer you know who is doing great work.

5. Tell a Friend

Do your friends, work-buddies, family, or bosses know about Engineers Week and what your plans are for celebrating? Let them know and encourage them to join in!

E-Week truly is for anyone with deep curiosity and a desire to learn. Get your community involved and help us celebrate!

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Rikhi is a graduate student at Georgia Tech studying Aerospace Engineering and an international student from Singapore. She is passionate about systems safety and advocating for the wellness of gender-minorities and international students in STEM. You can find her blogging at her neighbourhood black-owned coffee shop drinking copious amounts of dirty chai’s. You can follow her at @RikhiRoy on Twitter and Instagram and read her work at